Slip resistant. Attractive. Durable. Easy to maintain. Stain resistant. The different aspects and styles of seamless flooring, offer a balance of these qualities and eliminate the need to find contractors for carpet or tiles for retail areas, tiles for toilets and epoxy for warehouse or backrooms. Central shopping areas are subject to ware by all conceivable types of footwear, from beach sandals to heavy work boots, as well as traffic from shopping trolleys.

High gloss, elegant flooring perfectly exposes the beauty of products and services on sale at the boutique.

Neutral looking seamless flooring at clothing stores does not over power the sales area and helps put the focus on the merchandise. The neutral or subtle tones of our poured resin or decorative concrete floors offer a perfect background to the objects and artwork on display at photo studios and galleries. Flooring installed by us fulfills the expectations of demanding retailers, because they are both stylish and functional.








• Photo studios
• Hair studios
• Drug stores
• Department stores
• Shopping centres


• Aesthetic
• Decorative
• Elegant
• Durable
• Slip resistant
• Easy to maintain