Restaurants and commercial kitchens require the maintenance of high standard of hygiene.


Attractive appearance and functional features make flooring systems provided by Borbet perfect for restaurants and fast food dining facilities. Floors formulated with Kitchen Formula high-heat-resistant epoxy and MMA withstand immediate exposure to high temperatures. Decorative and multi-colour coatings accent dining areas. We understand that keeping your kitchen running efficiently while complying with safety standards is major to your reputation.


Our ultra-durable, low maintenance flooring products offer superior protection against bacteria, stains and caustic cleaning agents which means less cross-contamination and less downtime. We choose the right flooring system to the specific area of your restaurant: bar areas, dining areas or food preparation areas. We incorporate an integral cove base for a completely seamless and waterproof solution that will remain both attractive and easy to clean for years. It also eliminates ugly grout lines to maintain.







 Dining areas

• Bar areas
• Kitchen
• Freezer /Cooler
• Washing areas
• Toilets

 Heat resistant

• Low temperature resistant
• Aesthetic appearance
• Antimicrobial
• Slip resistant
• Abrasive resistant