The priorities for veterinary clinics, animal shelters, livestock holding areas and special habitats are: abrasion resistance, stain resistance and easy cleaning.

These areas require flooring that is impermeable and resistant to animal waste, odour absorption, staining and the harsh cleaners used for sanitation. Smooth, impervious resin flooring guards against infections. Because seamless floor systems have no gaps they don’t harbour disease and don’t collect contamination. Our flooring solutions combine functionality with decorative appearance that provides a pleasant environment for owners, employees, and pets. In addition, abrasion resistant surfaces resist teeth and claws and are easy to maintain, so keep down costs and staff time, for long-lasting return on investment.








• Medical room
• Carcass room
• Food preparation room
• Surgical room
• Wash room


• Abrasion resistant
• Chemical resistant
• Easy to clean and maintain