Hospitals and surgical centres have a wide range of requirements for flooring systems: attractive appearance, durability, resistance to germs and ease of care. In mechanical rooms, which house climate control units, secondary containment of moisture and condensation is essential. The water-proof, seamless, elastomeric membrane systems offer maximum protection and help reduce vibration. In showers and toilet areas, resurfacers treated with Antimicrobial help control bacteria and fungi as well as odour and mildew for a healthier environment. For maximum stain resistance, choose epoxy flooring with a polyurethane topcoat or an Acrylic system which has an inherently dense molecular structure that resists chemicals, is most suitable.


Seamless flooring that is: sturdy; good looking; chemical resistant and easy to clean, is the prescription for pharmaceutical plants. Pharmaceutical facilities incorporate a number of different areas where floors will be exposed to wet and dry agents as well as abrasion from daily operations. Urethane Performance Topcoats offer maximum protection from stains and chemicals while increasing the longevity of your floors. Decorative epoxy and acrylic flooring systems let you accent your environment with solid colour or multicolour quartz flooring and acrylic chips in an acrylic matrix for a more textured look. Available textures include Standard Slip-Resistant, Orange Peel or Smooth. Resin floor finishes help you to meet the demanding requirements of Health and Safety in terms of slip resistance, whilst providing aesthetically pleasing, tough surfaces that can be colour coordinated for both design and safety purposes.








• Corridors
• Plant rooms
• Chemical room operating
  theatres/x ray room

• Liquid nitrogen storage
• Laboratories
• Disposal areas
• Mortuary room
• Walls and ceilings


• Easy to clean
• Durable
• Decorative
• Seamless
• Antibacterial
• Stain resistant