Although school buildings get some relief during the summer; from September through to July they are among the busiest, highest-trafficked facilities anywhere. The longevity, ease of maintenance, durability, decorative finishes and slip resistance of Borbet Flooring’s systems makes them perfect for schools, Vocational Technical Centers, and universities. Because of all these features, educational establishments are increasingly changing from traditional vinyl and tile floors to resin surfaces. Schools and campuses are reflections of their communities, quartz system premium is ideal for areas such as receptions which really give people a flavor of the entire estate.

Borbet Flooring has a flooring solution that's just right for every area in an educational setting:


 Antimicrobial treatment for locker rooms, toilets and showers;
 Chemical resistant finishes for biology and chemistry labs;
 Abrasion resistant coatings for hallways;
 and thermal-shock resistant formulas for kitchens and cafeterias.

In addition, they are easy to clean and maintain.








• Class room
• Kitchen
• Lunch room/Cafeteria
• Toilet/Shower area
• Changing room/Locker room
• Lab
• Study


• Easy to clean
• Hard-wearing – resistant
   to heavy foot 

• Scuff and scratch
• Aesthetic impact
• Chemical resistant