Large warehouses and distribution units require floor and wall finishes which should be of the highest standards to meet the day to day demands of racking solutions storing heavy items and the movement of heavy machinery including forklifts. Warehouse floorings, are subjected to strict health and safety requirements. Also some of the them, especially those where food products are stored require high standards of hygiene. Borbet Flooring offers an installation of a wide range of seamless resin flooring systems providing a long term solution with enhanced hygiene and maintenance-free qualities. We have high-tech equipment to remove old surfaces as well as prepare concrete substrate for the new flooring’s installation.

We also use fast curing products to keep disturbances of the warehouse’s work to the minimum. For the convenience of our clients we are able to schedule our work during nights and weekends.







• Warehouse
• Walk-in cooler
• Walk-in freezer

• Easy to clean and maintain

• Durability
• Impact resistance
• Chemical resistance
• Anti-slip
• Anti-static
• Value for money