Borbet Flooring floor systems are mainstays of the manufacturing world thanks to their proven track record and full range of performance characteristics. From the heaviest manufacturing settings, to assembly areas where a more decorative look is desired, Borbet Flooring has the solution that will suit our clients’ needs. Up to five times stronger than concrete alone, our decorative and industrial resin flooring systems offer just the mix of abrasion resistance, slip resistance, durability for both foot and wheeled traffic and performance.


You can choose the perfect system for every area within your facility: abrasion resistant coatings for traffic aisles and loading zones, impact resistant systems and chemical resistant topcoats for tooling and production areas, and decorative systems for office, reception and resting areas. Flooring systems are available in Standard Slip-Resistant, Orange Peel and Smooth finishes.







 Production area cafeteria

• Wet and dry processing area
• Workshop
• Storage area
• Plant room
• Distribution centre
• Corridor
• Office
• Changing room
• Garage
• Packaging area
• Warehouse
• Toilet
• Lobby /reception
• Packing area


• Durable
• Non-slip
• Abrasive resistant
• Decorative
• Longlasting
• Hardwearing
• Chemical resistant