Many manufacturers of electrical goods and components have the requirement for hi-tech, seamless, anti-static and dissipative resin floor finishes.
All active electronic components and equipment e.g. micro-chips, integrated circuits and machinery are sensitive to ESD events.

Anti-static resin flooring has the ability to prevent an electrostatic discharge, in these situations where static electricity generation is possible.
Installing a flooring system with anti-static properties disperses any electrical charge safely to earth. It prevents the build-up of static electricity, which can potentially cause an ignition of flammable vapours, damage to electronic circuits, unexpected electric shock to employees, and false readings on sensitive instruments.

Borbet Flooring makes sure that your electronics facility is charged to fight electrostatic activity at ground level by selecting and installing a seamless resin floor finish designed to deliver the ultimate static control. The high gloss, joint-free finish of floor coatings eliminates the cracks that collect dirt and dust - making the floors dust-free as well as being easy to clean and de-contaminate.

Anti-static resin flooring systems installed by us are heavy wearing, chemical and slip resistant, designed for the environments where electronic equipment is manufactured, tested, handled or repaired. They meet all of the specialised needs associated with the electro-manufacturing industries.









 Assembly area      

• Warehouse
• Clean room


• Hard wearing
• Slip resistant
• Chemical resistant

• Dust free
• Joint free
• Easy clean