Auto dealers, garages, paint shops, car washes, car part distributors can count on Borbet Flooring for re-surfaces which are durable, good looking, abrasion resistant and slip resistant. Dense molecular structure makes these systems resistant to tire marks and oil as well, as petrol, hydraulic and brake fluid and anti-freeze. In dealership showrooms, the decorative colours and matt satin finish help display new vehicles at their best.
Borbet Flooring has many years of experience in applying the right systems in the right environment: from workshops to high end showrooms and demanding production lines.
We have installed various epoxy and polyurethane resin systems in numerous automotive workshops. The specifications varies depending on the area use, ranging from thick (6mm) polyurethane floor screeds for heavy and highly trafficked areas to high-build coatings for lighter trafficked areas.

Lobby and Showroom environments generally require hard wearing, easy to clean, decorative flooring solutions making a great first impression.

Production line environments require hard wearing, chemical resistant, anti-slip and easy to clean and maintain flooring.

Workshop environments need to be hard wearing, durable, anti-slip and easy to maintain resin systems that offer high chemical resistance properties.

The hard seamless surface achieved with resin coatings mean that oil and chemical spillages are easily cleaned; this allows maintaining high standards of cleanliness which is not possible when operating on a bare concrete floor or painted floor.

Showroom environments generally require hard wearing, easy to clean and decorative flooring solutions.








• Cafeteria
• Workshop
• Assembly Line
• Paint shop
• Warehouse 
• Oil exchange station 
• Changing room


• Easy to clean and maintain
• Non-slip 
• Grease resistant 
• Seamless 
• Chemical resistant 
• Abrasion resistant 
• Oil, automotive related 

  fluid resistant