Balconies and terraces are exposed to the action of rain, snow and wind, which is why it is very important that the surface is properly secured and free from cracks. Borbet Flooring has the professional knowledge and experience in the repair and installation of polyurethane and MMA systems; hedging balcony and terrace surfaces against leakage and simultaneously giving them an aesthetic appearance. Our systems are extremely tough, durable, and resistant to abrasion and weathering. Coatings installed by us are anti-slip, easy to clean and maintenance-free. We provide individual solutions designed to fulfil the widest range of waterproofing, surfacing and protection needs. A selection of colours and alternative finishes are available. The flooring systems used by us, can be applied on new and old substrate of concrete, tiles, asphalt, wood, metal, etc.







• Terraces
• Walkways           


• Fast cure
• Waterproof
• Easy to clean


• Durable
Slip resistant
Abrasion resistant